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Ice Age Trail Holy Hill Segment 5.9.21

How about a Mother’s Day hike? Yes, please!

Ice Age Trail Blue Spring Lake Segment 5.1.21

Spring hiking in Wisconsin means layering. The forecast of a nearby town looked like shorts weather but when we parked at the trailhead we had gale force winds!

Ice Age Trail Monches 4.17.21

Spring in Wisconsin! Blue skies ahead and hoping to see lots of spring blooms on our hike at the Monches segment of the Ice Age Trail!!

Ice Age Trail Scuppernong 4.10.21

Should we, shouldn’t we? The forecast called for rain, but hey, we have gear, let’s do it!

Ice Age Trail: Blue Spring Lake 4.3.21

It FINALLY was starting to feel like spring in Wisconsin and I couldn’t wait to get out and hike. I was on a mission to find some spring wildflowers.

Ice Age Trail: Stony Ridge Segment 3.12.21

There was a TON of snow that melted from last weekend and we were looking for a segment that had a lot of open area, hoping it would be somewhat dry. This trail exceeded my expectations!

Ice Age Trail: Milwaukee River Segment 3.6.21

We started the hike and early on, there were hills all around us. We were walking on a ridge and I was so excited, hoping this hilly landscape would stay with us for the duration.