Ellen Explores WI Parks

Exploring Wisconsin’s Parks

Southeast Wisconsin is chock full of parks! My town, Whitefish Bay and Milwaukee are located right on Lake Michigan. I gravitate towards parks by the lake because it is just so vast and looks different every time I see it. The landscape by the lake changes as well from sandy beaches to huge bluffs. Beyond the parks on the lake, each park has its own unique features that make it fun to explore. 

Many of the local parks are great for shorter walks. For me, they are typically closer to my house and the hike is typically less than 3 miles. So they are an easy way to get your nature fix. They are also awesome when you have smaller kids who can’t quite handle a several mile hike yet. Also, many times the trails are wider and maintained to appeal to a wider variety of skill levels with wood chips and some areas paved. 

Keep in mind all WI state parks, forests and recreation areas require vehicle parking stickers. They are only $28 and well worth it. You can buy it, print your receipt and head to your adventure that day!


Enjoy Milwaukee, the rest of SE Wisconsin and it’s many parks!



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