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Ice Age Trail: Loew Lake Segment 1.30.21

Whoooosh! The wind smacked us in the face until we could make the first turn onto the Ice Age Trail.

Lion’s Den Gorge Nature Preserve 1.23.21

Blue skies and a bright blue Lake Michigan made the most amazing backdrop for today’s hike.

Ice Age Trail: Parnell Segment 1.16.21

My second hike of 2021 in the books! More fresh snow and temps in the mid-30’s made it awesome winter hiking conditions.

Ice Age Trail: Monches Segment 1.2.21

First hike of 2021 and I was so excited! It snowed on New Year’s Day, so I couldn’t wait to see what the trail would be like with fresh snow.

A Spark Ignites

My passion for hiking ignited.
21 IAT hikes in 2020, multiple local and state parks explored…
my spark…ignited.