Ice Age Trail Scuppernong 4.10.21

Ice Age Trail: Scuppernong

Should we, shouldn’t we? The forecast called for rain, but hey, we have gear, let’s do it!

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Ice Age Trail: Blue Spring Lake 4.3.21

Ice Age Trail: Blue Spring Lake

It FINALLY was starting to feel like spring in Wisconsin and I couldn’t wait to get out and hike. I was on a mission to find some spring wildflowers.

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Milwaukee Urban Hike 3.21.21

Parks: Veteran’s Park (Oak Leaf Trail) and Lakeshore Park (Hank Aaron Trail)

Maybe it’s muddy, maybe you don’t have time to drive far or maybe hitting a dirt trail isn’t your thing, you can still get outside and explore Milwaukee! This trail follows Lake Michigan and goes past iconic Milwaukee architecture. 

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How to Clean Hiking Boots

Ice Age Trail: Loew Lake


So, this could have been called “A Tale of Two Boots” or even “How do I clean my hiking boots when one has been completely submerged in mud?” Because yep, that’s what happened.

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Ice Age Trail: Stony Ridge Segment 3.12.21

IAT Stony Ridge Segment 3.13.21

Another sunny March day and I was excited to hit the trail. There was a TON of snow that melted from last weekend and we were looking for a segment that had a lot of open area, hoping it would be somewhat dry. This trail exceeded my expectations! 

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Ice Age Trail: Milwaukee River Segment 3.6.21

Ice Age Trail: Milwaukee River Segment

We started the hike and early on, there were hills all around us. We were walking on a ridge and I was so excited, hoping this hilly landscape would stay with us for the duration. The sun was shining and there were signs of snow melting all over. Initially, there were just a few trees where a ring had melted around the trunk. Then came a couple areas where I actually got to walk right on the trail for a few feet. Next, a couple ridges had bare hillsides, but still a snow packed trail. 

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Ice Age Trail: LaBudde Creek Segment 2.27.21

Ice Age Trail: LaBudde Creek Segment

Another sunny day and I couldn’t wait to get out and hike. Forecast promised highs in the mid-40’s and after the early frigid February, I was ready!  The trail starts off pretty hilly right away, then some pines, then birch trees, a really cool landscape. We were in a forest, but the bare trees let in tons of sunlight. Then, we hit a connector trail and on the road we passed a huge, untouched field. Maxie was pulling and pulling to go in. Kurt finally let her into it and she dove headfirst. It’s a blast watching her have so much fun.

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Ice Age Trail: Eagle Segment 2.20.21

Ice Age Trail: Eagle Segment

Aaaah! Forecast called for a sunny day so we sought the most open trail we had been on yet. With open prairie most of the trail, the sun felt amazing on the Eagle segment of IAT. It literally was the first time this year I could FEEL the sun. The trail started in a wooded area but the sun still poked through all the bare trees.  After crossing a snowy boardwalk and more woods, the trail finally opens up to the prairie. We just stood there soaking it in for a couple minutes and looking at the open landscape around us. 

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Kletzsch Park 2.13.21

Kletzsch Park 2.13.21

I have been forcing myself to enjoy this frosty February. Did you ever notice how many F words describe the cold? Frigid, frosty, frozen, freezing, frost and yes….February! This February especially has been pretty chilly here in the Milwaukee area. Today’s hike was definitely a challenge to “see if I could do it” with a temperature of 7 and the “feels like” was -7. 

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Doctor’s Park 2.6.21

Doctors Park 2.6.21

 It was 13 degrees and the “feels like” was -3. I had hiked 4/4 weekends in 2021, but this was the coldest. Considering I had never hiked in winter weather until this year, I felt like a good streak. So, weekend 5 was here, no plans, no excuses not to go…except for the cold. So I bundled up and drove Maxie to Doctors Park.

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