ICE AGE TRAIL: Walla Hi Segment 11.21.21

Ice Age Trail: Walla Hi

I’m BAAAACK! Well, this has been a busy and stressful past few months. With my kids’ soccer in full force and some other personal commitments, I was barely finding time to hike, let alone write about my hikes. Mid-October, I was able to squeeze hiking back in, just in time to see fall colors.

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ICE AGE TRAIL: West Bend Segment 6.12.21

Ice Age Trail: West Bend Segment

I work in special ed in an elementary school and yesterday marked the end of the craziest school year ever. Today we took a well-deserved daycation!

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Highland Woods 6.4.21

Highland Woods: Thiensville, WI

I had been looking for a short hike also close to my home and got a hot tip the day before!

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Ice age Trail: Whitewater Segment 5.30.21

Ice Age Trail: Whitewater Segment

It was a last second decision in the morning…decision made!

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Ice age Trail: Parnell Segment 5.22.21

Ice Age Trail: Parnell Segment

Summerlike temperatures and a blue sky…the day just begged for us to hike!

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Kletzsch Park 5.15.21

Kletzsch Park

Soccer game at noon, can I squeeze in a hike? Yep! I just need to find somewhere close to home.

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Ice Age Trail Holy Hill Segment 5.9.21

Ice Age Trail: Holy Hill Segment

How about a Mother’s Day hike? Yes, please! 


Holy Hill is one of the segments on the IAT that we typically hike every fall. Many memories hit me each time we come. Eating lunch at the picnic tables, my son getting a mushroom bigger than his head, and watching the kids run to the hilltops of the side trails. So, it seemed fitting to go on Mother’s Day. I was immediately greeted by Mayapples, bright green plants with huge leaves, reminding me of an umbrella. Clustered together, they seem like such happy little plants. 

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Ice Age Trail Blue Spring Lake Segment 5.1.21

Ice Age Trail: Blue Spring Lake Segment

Spring hiking in Wisconsin means layering. The forecast of a nearby town looked like shorts weather but when we parked at the trailhead we had gale force winds! 

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riverside park / urban ecology center 4.24.21

Riverside Park / Urban Ecology Center

Kids’ soccer game in the morning meant a short hike in the afternoon. So lucky to have this hidden gem close to home!

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Ice Age Trail Monches 4.17.21

Ice Age Trail: Monches

Spring in Wisconsin! Blue skies ahead and hoping to see lots of spring blooms on our hike at the Monches segment of the Ice Age Trail!!

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