Milwaukee Urban Hike 3.21.21

Parks: Veteran’s Park (Oak Leaf Trail) and Lakeshore Park (Hank Aaron Trail)

Maybe it’s muddy, maybe you don’t have time to drive far or maybe hitting a dirt trail isn’t your thing, you can still get outside and explore Milwaukee! This trail follows Lake Michigan and goes past iconic Milwaukee architecture. 

Veteran’s Park and Lakeshore Park Highlights:

Along Lake Michigan, views of Milwaukee architecture and Summerfest grounds, key points of interest include Milwaukee Art Museum and Discovery World. 

Trail: Paved

Trail type: Loop

Trail Length: About 2 miles

VETERAN’S PARK PARKING LOT GOOGLE MAP Note that the parking lot is just east of this kite shop, but Google maps didn’t have the exact location in at the time of publication.

Bathroom facilities: Yes, during the summer

Dog Friendly: Yes, must be leashed at all times. BYOB Bring Your Own (Poop) Bag! I did not see any bag dispensers. 

Easy Trail 

For us, it was the end of March and it was MUDDY! We wanted to take advantage of the sunny day, but didn’t feel like tramping through the mud like the day before so we hit an urban trail in Milwaukee!  I love parking at Veterans Park because it’s easy, lots of parking and a bathroom (during summer months)!

Check out this view

As you head south, towards the Milwaukee Art Museum (MAM), you are on the Oak Leaf Trail. Take in the beautiful views of the lake and the Milwaukee skyline. This trail does get busy, so best to act like you are on a road and stay to the right as you walk. Pass the Milwaukee War Memorial and continue past the MAM. 

Hear the chimes

As you pass Discovery World, you will notice the leaf shaped chimes, Wind Leaves by artist Ned Kahn. Their sound is so calming when the wind blows. The benches also double as a xylophone! This area also marks Milwaukee’s First Cargo Pier. 

Everchanging Lake Michigan

Continue to veer to the left to go to Lakeshore State Park and are now on the Hank Aaron Trail. One thing about Lake Michigan. it always looks different. Some days it’s calm and the color of the Caribbean, sometimes it’s rough and choppy and takes on a grey-blue which is why I love it so much. This trail makes a big loop and you get a great view of the Milwaukee Breakwater Lighthouse in the distance.  It’s cool to see the Summerfest grounds from this side of the park. The Hoan Bridge (yellow one) adds an awesome backdrop to the whole setting.

Heading back

Take in the views from a different angle on your way back.  I always seem to see something that I missed on the way there. That I noticed that pigs really fo fly!

Treat Time

We like to cap off hikes with a treat…whether it’s a latte from a local coffee shop or a pint from a brewery. Today, our daughter was with us and we knew we had to stop for frozen yogurt. Yo Factory is a great spot on the East Side. Fill your cup with the flavors you like and they will add on whatever toppings you choose! YUM!


And that my friends is today’s Tail from the Trail. 



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  1. We do have a beautiful lakefront … looking forward to enjoying it more with warmer days ahead!

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