Ice Age Trail: Eagle Segment 2.20.21

Ice Age Trail: Eagle Segment

Aaaah! Forecast called for a sunny day so we sought the most open trail we had been on yet. With open prairie most of the trail, the sun felt amazing on the Eagle segment of IAT. It literally was the first time this year I could FEEL the sun. The trail started in a wooded area but the sun still poked through all the bare trees.  After crossing a snowy boardwalk and more woods, the trail finally opens up to the prairie. We just stood there soaking it in for a couple minutes and looking at the open landscape around us. 

The trail started to curve around and we went up a hill to the most inviting bench. I love hills like this, where you can’t see what’s coming until you are at the top. We paused to take in the view where the land just seems to go on forever.  A bit more prairie at the top then we ducked into more woods then onto the short loop trail for Brady’s Rocks. Brady, an Irish immigrant, lived here with his family in a log cabin and quarried the stone in the mid 1800’s. Much of the rock was covered in snow, but enough came through to get an idea. Of course, Maxie loved climbing the rocks. It’s definitely a fun place to come with kids or dogs who like to climb. 

Then, back into the sunshine and more prairie until we hit the long boardwalk. This boardwalk is great because it has a bench built into it…the perfect lunch spot! The sun kept us warm as we had our picnic. We headed back and had some fun with shadows. We paused at the bench again on the way back to rehydrate and soak in more of the view. Passing through the prairie on the way back, we did one more snow angel. With the sun getting warmer, I knew it may be my last chance to make one this winter. 

Driving home, we made a pitstop in Delafield. Have you ever been there? It is such a cute town! First, I popped in Clear Water Outdoor which I have been wanting to go in the past couple times we swung through. It has some really cute outdoor wear including Patagonia and SmartWool. I held off buying anything, but they are Ice Age Trail supporters and have the Guidebook among T-shirts, hats, etc, Next, we headed over to Blue Collar coffee. This place just has a relaxed vibe and great coffee. They like dogs too! You can either relax in their cozy place or walk over to the park just behind it to enjoy your beverage. Cross a stream to get to the park and there are several picnic tables where you can sit down and enjoy. 

And that my friends is today’s Tail from the Trail. 



Hike Details

Out and back hike 

Parking Pass: required

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Clear Water Outdoor shop

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Blue Collar 

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  1. The IAT Eagle Segment has really grown on me. Seeing it in summer when things are fully in bloom, against a bright blue sky if you’re lucky, is pretty darn cool. Great hike!

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