Kletzsch Park 2.13.21

Kletzsch Park 2.13.21

I have been forcing myself to enjoy this frosty February. Did you ever notice how many F words describe the cold? Frigid, frosty, frozen, freezing, frost and yes….February! This February especially has been pretty chilly here in the Milwaukee area. Today’s hike was definitely a challenge to “see if I could do it” with a temperature of 7 and the “feels like” was -7. 

Admittedly, I got out of our SUV and I thought to myself…just keep moving. If you move, you warm up. A few gusts of slapped me in the face. This trail starts off on a trail on a bluff above the river and I knew once we got down, we would have a little protection from wind. Looking around, it was beautiful. Snow was gently falling all around. There were a couple inches on the trail making it fun to hike through, but not enough that I felt like I had to trudge. Truthfully, everything was perfect for a winter hike, except the darn temps. I kept moving and my hand warmers did their job. Soon, I wasn’t thinking about the temperature as much and was getting sucked into enjoying the hike. The trail meanders by the river with some twists and turns. The river was mostly frozen over, but there were a few spots we could see it run, then hide back under the snow. We got to the Green Tree bridge, a bridge I have driven over at least 100 times. I never knew there were beautiful arches underneath and made of stone.  The things you notice from a different perspective! This trail curves back and forth and touches fields where my kids have played soccer. It’s all so different coming upon these areas by foot, especially when it’s all covered on snow.  I never even knew the trail was behind these fields all these years and soccer games!  But now, It was quiet and peaceful and we had the trail mostly to ourselves. I stopped to take a quick selfie at the end and had no idea my hair had so much frozen snow on it! Hiking in single digits and negative “feels like” temps aren’t necessarily my fortait, but I did it. I truly enjoyed it while I was on the trail. But, admittedly I’m looking forward to the 20’s and 30’s that the forecast promises!

Heading home, we stopped off at the waterfall in the park. Typically there are people standing in the water fishing, but today I was mostly frozen over. Hard to believe all that water is gushing below the ice and snow. 

And that my friends is today’s Tail from the Trail. 



Hike Details

Out and back hike 


Park map

We started across from the archery field by the number 8 on this map. There is a sign that says Nature Trail. We followed the Forked Aster Hiking Trail in orange to start off. Then it looks like it loops (according to the map), but another trail called the Milwaukee Urban Water Trail starts so you can stay near the river the whole time. Closer to Green Tree Rd, there is another sign for Milwaukee County Parks. Just stay by the river!

Bathroom facilities: N/A in winter

2 Comments on “Kletzsch Park 2.13.21

  1. Yep, sometimes you find some cool stuff right in your backyard. Nice Trail, and pending how aggressive you want to be with your mileage, an “in and out approach”, will certainly provide for a great day’s adventure. Ok, so this “F” word does not describe cold … but it adequately sums up the hike. FUN!

  2. I wasn’t familiar with this trail. Definitely want to try it now, but will probably wait for warmer temps! Nice pics.

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