Doctor’s Park 2.6.21

Doctors Park 2.6.21

 It was 13 degrees and the “feels like” was -3. I had hiked 4/4 weekends in 2021, but this was the coldest. Considering I had never hiked in winter weather until this year, I felt like a good streak. So, weekend 5 was here, no plans, no excuses not to go…except for the cold. So I bundled up and drove Maxie to Doctors Park.

So much snow…there wasn’t even a path to the path!  We plodded through to the Main Trail that leads down to the beach. I started heading down and immediately I felt at peace. The trail descended down and to my right the hill of trees kept growing. I looked southwest and saw that the sun was still peaking above the bluff. We made our way over the bridge and small creek and headed to Lake Michigan. The lake was so calm, barely any waves. Ice was sloshing up and down slowly. It was hard to see where the lake ended and the sky began as I looked out in the distance. Blues and greys were layered and mixed. Maxie, as usual, was sniffing around at all the driftwood. We headed up the central staircase, it’s so rustic and charming. At the top, the wind picked up a bit and I realized the bluff had protected us from the wind while down at the lake. Walking along, I took in the view of the lake through the trees. The sun continued to glow through the clouds. Last was a large field to trudge through. Heading back to the parking lot, the snow became deeper. As I plowed through, Maxie decided she would start galloping. I did my best to keep up and she actually helped to pull me along. If only I had a sled, she probably would have just pulled me! Diving head in several times left her with a beard of snow in her whiskers. 

And that my friends is today’s Tail from the Trail. 



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1870 E Fox Ln, Fox Point, WI 53217

Bathroom facilities: N/A in winter

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